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Are you a writer who wants to be published? If yes, this is the right place for you.

After seven successful years of publishing ‘Curiosity Kid’ magazine for the uniquely curious and talented kids, we are here to announce our first annual ‘Short Story Writing’ competition in two separate categories: Group A for age 9 to 13 and Group B for age 14 to 17.

Short Story Writing Contest (400-4000 words)

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Non-fiction, Historical fiction, Horror/Thriller

Deadline for submission: by May 15, 2021

Declaration of Winners: by July 31, 2021

Awarding of Certificates: by August 15, 2021

Anthology Publication: by September 30 2021

Distribution of Publication to Winners: October 30, 2021


Group A: Age 9 years – 13 years

Group B: Age 14 years – 17 years

Genre of Story:

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Non-fiction, Historical fiction or Horror/Thriller

Word Limit: Between 400 to 4,000 words (including title)

About the Prize

  • The Authors of the top 10 winning stories will be featured on this website along with their photos;

  • The top 10 winning stories will be published in an Anthology, an annual publication of Curiosity Kids. Each winner will be given a copy of the book and the same will also be available for access at Amazon both in paperback and kindle version.

  • The top 25 entries will be given a Certificate of Appreciation.

  • The school will be given a trophy where two or more of its students feature in Top 10 across both groups.

Submission Deadline: Friday, 30th April, 2021, 6 PM

Rules, Terms & Conditions ( Please note this for compliance)

  • These terms apply to the participants of Curiosity Writing Awards 2021, by Pen and Ink Publishers. By sending their entries participants agree to abide by these terms in their entirety. Those who do not agree to one or more of these terms and conditions, must not send their entries.

  • Participation in this contest is free of any charge

  • Participation is open to everybody in the age group of 9 -17 years all over the world. Just remember to choose the right group.

  • The story should not have been previously published anywhere.

  • By participating in the contest the author grants Pen and Ink Publishers the exclusive right to publish it in the next issue of Curiosity Kids and the same story shall not be published anywhere else.

  • Should your entry be selected for publication, you give the editors and publishers of the anthology the right to edit your work in their discretion.

  • The Editorial Board reserves the right to change the title of the story and use appropriate illustrations in the story while publishing it without consulting with the author.

  • The 10 best stories will be published in an Anthology, an annual publication of Curiosity Kids magazine. Each winner will be given a paperback copy of the book and the same will also be available for access at Amazon.

  • The entries should not contain any matter which is defamatory, unlawful in India or against public policy.

  • At any point from the date of submission of entry to the date of distribution of the prizes, the organizers may send emails to the participants in case of any query and the participants are required to be prompt with their responses to help maintain the time schedule of the contest.

  • The decisions of the screening jury and the contest judges are final and binding on the participants and no correspondence in this regard will ever be entertained.

Guidelines to follow before submission:

Before submitting your work to us, participants are requested to go through the following points:

  • Contestants are requested to go through the basic spell check routine before submission.

  • Word limit for the story is between 400 and 4000 words. All entries disregarding this word limit will be disqualified.

  • Submission of your work is a conclusive evidence of the fact that participants have read all the guidelines carefully and agree to all of them. So read them carefully before submitting.

  • Several factors are taken into consideration in deciding the winners, and this includes, the originality of idea, uniqueness of writing pattern, the flow of writing and the message conveyed amongst others.

  • Participants are required to fill in every detail of the Submission Form. Incomplete forms will be rejected

  • Only entries that are original works of the participants will be accepted. Ensure that your work is your own, original and unaided by anyone else. A declaration in this regard shall be required to be given in the submission form.

  • At our end we will do rigorous plagiarism check. Entries found to be plagiarized shall be disqualified without any notice to the participant. Hence we suggest that participants run a basic plagiarism test before submission.

  • All the entries must be in English only.

  • In order to be accepted the entries must reach us before the deadline mentioned above (30th April 2021).

  • Participants must send only unpublished entries. Entries already sent to other contests and pending results must be avoided. We reserve the right of first publication in case the story is adjudged as a winner.

  • Participants must apply through their schools. The Submission form provided herewith has space for filling up the school details. Confirmation email regarding receipt of submission and any communication about winners will also be sent to the respective school email id.



Send us your entries by Friday, XXth April 20XX, 6 PM


Submission (Closed for 2021)

Participants may send us their entries in the following two ways:


Option 1:

Download the 'Submission Form for CWA2021' above , fill it up by pen and scan it. Email this scanned copy along with your story in word /pdf document at

Option 2:

Register by the ONLINE form below ( It is purely online, no need to send any other form)